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Will Trey Songz Surpass R. Kelly As The King Of Remixes? Published by MTV News on Friday, June 5, 2009 at 3:44 pm.

Trey Songz

R&B singer Trey Songz’s third album, Ready, was supposed to drop this June, but it’s been pushed back to August. However, Songz is still working hard in the studio, releasing remixes of today’s hottest songs via Twitter. Some include Beyoncé’s “Ego” and Cassie’s “Must Be Love,” as well as hits he renamed, like Jeremih’s “Birthday Sex” to “First Date Sex” and Pleasure P’s “Boyfriend #2″ to “Girlfriend Can Come 2.” Since then, his fans and followers on Twitter have compared him to R. Kelly, who is also known for his remixes of popular tracks.

R. Kelly was recently featured on Mixtape Daily ->
Mixtape Daily for his first-ever mixtape called The Demo Tape, a way of reintroducing himself to fans before his new album is released. Collaborating with DJ Skee and DJ Drama, Kells remixed Lil Wayne and Young Money’s “Every Girl,” a track Trey also remixes and released on Twitter. So who did it best?

I asked a few people in the newsroom to listen to both versions (I also warned them about the explicit lyrics!) and took a poll of whose remix was better. Devout R. Kelly fans couldn’t even get past the first five lines of Trey’s version because it’s simple — R. Kelly is R. Kelly.

Those who preferred Trey’s version thought Trey had better vocals and lyrics. Trey’s wordplay was more clever because he has something to prove, whereas R. Kelly’s lyrics were uninspired (kind of resting on his reputation), and his use of Auto-Tune makes him seem dated.

Even though folks in the newsroom chose sides, the general consensus was that if Trey were to sing R. Kelly’s lyrics, he wouldn’t be taken seriously. Trey’s style reminds us of R. Kelly in his prime. We can’t forget that R. Kelly has an amazing track record of remixes!

So is R. Kelly still the King of Remixes, or should he watch his back for Trey Songz?

Listen to Trey Songz "Death Of Autotune Kellz" Freestyle


Concealed|Perplexity said...

Yeah I read this too! I'd say that you've been doing your thing. Kellz is a legend but just as we should pay homage to those before us, we should acknowledge those that are current & on their way! {I.E.-SONGZ...YUUUP!!!!}

Joy said...

Well, I am a die hard Trey Songz fan...I have ALL of his mixtapes and ALL of his studio albums. But in regards to the best "Every Girl" remix, Im going to unbiasedly say SONGZ version was the best! I mean come on, the lyrics, his tone sounds better. Hands down...and dont let me get on EGO! OMG!! Classic. ATL radio (which I hardly listen to because they are so repetitive) recently started playind Kanyes remix to Ego. I hate to say it, but Songz version is better. LOVE KANYE THOUGH!!

I could go on for days talkin about music to let me stop...YUUUUUUUP!!!

Blur said...

Kellz needs to make a track with Songz... YUUUP

Concealed|Perplexity said...


lilmo_90 said...

kellz def. needs to watch his back for trey..
kellz is good but trey has the better lyrics and not to mention the voice! yuuup!!!

Shaninda said...

i would say trey is definitely becoming the key of remixes..trey you been rappin..and ur die hard fans from way back when would know that LOL...and a lot of people aint even realize it till now... :-) i love this song..it goes hard..let em know trey..cuz u been here..time for you to take it all baby...go HAM as usual.... :-) love yah!

Richanna said...

"since jay and kells aint doin their thing no more guess Drake and Songz is the replacements" and drake said that years ago...songz been replaced kells from that title. kelly is irrelevant now in my opinion yea he was hot at one point but honestly a true king knows when to retire gracefully or maybe datz just a woman thing

Simone James said...

Honestly, I am not gonna say that I love all of Trey's music cause I know I would be lying. There are a few that make me all hot and bothered and a few that is like it's alright. But when it comes to remixes. Trey murders every single one. Like rips the hell outta it. I loved the say you will remix. That is stuck on my phone and it ain't leaving. Trey is on his own tip. He is the king of remixes cause he does it so good.

Miss Yemster said...

"Not only can he take your girl[Yemster included], but both the R&B and RAP game. Artists please give him you songs so he can make it better than you."- Random YouTube comment that I agreed with when reading.

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